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Thursday 31 October 2019

The regional land allocation plan

The regional land allocation plan (PRAS) divides the Brussels region into different zones (mixed zone, residential zone, urban industry, etc.) by defining for each of the latter the number of m² of surface area allowed for a series of allocations. A business can, for example, in a mixed zone, have a maximum surface area of 200 m² and, under certain conditions, up to 1000 m².

So, when you are looking for a new location for your company, or if you want to expand it, it is important that you check which zones are suitable for your activity.

You can determine the PRAS zone in which a given address is located by searching for the address on the map through the BRUGIS website (click on “PRAS" in the left-hand column and then on "land allocations").  You can find the permissible surface area by activity in the provisions (FR).  The different activities are defined in the PRAS glossary (FR).

Useful tip: there are no exemptions to the PRAS.

Specific land allocation plans

Some districts are the subject of specific land allocation plans (PPAS). These plans also include provisions concerning the different activities. You can check if there is a PPAS in place by using the map on the BRUGIS website (click in the left-hand column, under Planning, on PPAS).

To find out about the provisions concerning the specific land allocation plans, you should contact the municipality in the area where an address is located.

Your plans must comply with the provisions of the regional land allocation plan, as well as any included in a relevant specific land allocation plan.

Remember that you often need a planning permit to be able to set up your business at a given address!  

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