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Monasbl.be aims to promote and highlight the roles and responsibilities of ASBL directors and managers in French-speaking Belgium. It has around 1,000 fact sheets, a news column, a forum of experts, a sector-specific calendar and much more.

Monasbl.be is the number-one source of information on ASBLs. The Monasbl.be platform can answer all of your questions and help you at every stage of your association's life: from its creation through to its management and development, financing, legal aspects, accounting, tax, human resources and marketing.

Providing information is not the only goal of Monasbl.be. It can also arrange specialised support (intervention, coaching, supervision, etc.) through the dozens of experts who update the website on a daily basis. Be it though a forum, coaching activities or personalised support, an ASBL manager can count on Monasbl.be for an effective solution.

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